Our herd

The Roseleigh stud consists of approximately 150 breeders.  We endeavour to breed cattle that are structurally sound with good growth rate and muscling including good butt shape, temperament and fertility.

We have been the supplier of foundation females for several successful Angus Studs, including Stoney Point Angus, Bull Oak Well Angus and Belvidere Angus.

The Roseleigh stud currently uses a mixture of natural service and AI programs.  Recent years has also seen the introduction of a small embryo transfer program at Roseleigh, utilising the genetics from the renowned Roseleigh Sarah S9 cow.

We are not the flamboyant type and full of bull at Roseleigh, and we do not follow or chase individual traits.   We believe that as producers of beef cattle we need to be careful with selection of bulls coinciding with their Breedplan figures.  Tough years season wise, have proven to us that cattle with high marbling and too much minus on Rib and Rump fat have problems which not only shows in their physical condition, but also affects their fertility.  This is still one of the most important economic traits to be profitable in the long term along with easy doing cattle that show thickness and structural correctness. 




We believe our cattle have fertility and growth with feed efficiency with what available feed we have.  We have increased our frame size over the years, but extremities in size is not needed.  We have bred cattle with good frame and retained what Angus are renowned for.  No matter how much feed you put down their throats, if you don’t have reasonable frame size and body, you won’t produce the heavier weights.  After all, we are paid in dollars per kilogram.

Roseleigh Sarah S9 with calf at foot




Roseleigh Sarah S9, daughter of TC Stockman 2164, was a cornerstone of the Roseleigh stud.  Sarah’s genetics have been used extensively in the Roseleigh stud, and our ET program has utilised her genetics exclusively.  She has continually produced good saleable bulls no matter which sire has been used over her.  The majority of her daughters have been retained within the stud.

Roseleigh Sarah is the Granddam of Roseleigh Yeny Y22 below.



Granddaughter of Roseleigh Sarah S9, Roseleigh Yeny was taken to the 2004 Adelaide Royal Show, to celebrate Roseleigh’s 50th birthday.  Yeny was awarded Junior and Grand Champion Female under the watchful eye of Bill Cornell. Her first son A35 was sold for $4500 after being used within the Roseleigh stud.  She has continued to produce good progeny. 

Roseleigh Yeny Y22, at the Adelaide Royal Show, 2004, 15 months.


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